Food & Nutrition Science Schools Program

Schools are invited to partner with the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine in the delivery of food and nutrition science programs to high school students.

Supporting the SACE Stage 1 & 2 nutrition

Give your Year 11 and 12 nutrition students an academic boost with our on-campus science activities.

We encourage secondary school teachers to take advantage of the following food and nutrition science activities for their students. These activities are intended to support the SACE Stage 1 & 2 nutrition subjects and take place at the University of Adelaide Waite campus.

  1. What’s in Food & Healthy Eating Guidelines
  2. Food, Nutrition & Health
  3. Sensory Evaluation of Food
  4. Sustainable & Secure Food Supplies
  5. Food Contamination & Spoilage

The duration of each activity is 2.5 hours. Dates and times can be negotiated and are dependent on availability of teaching staff and facilities.

Food sustainability challenge

The food sustainability challenge involves Year 8 students from South Australian high schools partnering with food and nutrition science students from our school to design and prototype solutions to problems associated with global food sustainability.

Food Sustainability Challenge participants
“The Food Sustainability Challenge taught us to think critically about global problems and showed us that our ideas can contribute to positive change”Mohamad (Toe) Imad | student, Hamilton Secondary College

Traditional lessons are suspended for the duration of the two-day Food Sustainability Challenge while students work in teams to investigate the impact of food and food production on the global environment. They consider issues connected to food waste, resources, climate change and dietary guidelines. Each team is mentored by a student from the Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science program.

The Food Sustainability Challenge requires students to use a human-centred design thinking process to develop solutions and culminated in each team pitching their designs to an expert judging panel.

Helen Morris

Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science