CASR secures three life saving Road Safety Innovation Fund grants

Image of variable speed limit sign for rural junctions in risk of crash scenario

Rural junction warning sign in operation

A novel low-cost Safe-System-aligned treatment for regional and remote intersections
(Dr. Christopher Stokes and Dr Mario Mongiardini)

Crashes at intersections in regional areas tend to be severe as vehicles are operated at high speeds. While some solutions exist to treat these intersections, many are too expensive to allow their use on a widespread basis. There remains a need to find solutions than can effectively reduce harm at regional intersections while being cost-effective for road authorities. 
This project aims to develop and evaluate the concept of a low-cost treatment for improving safety at regional and remote intersections.

The treatment is technology-driven and is well-aligned to the Safe System principle of minimising harm in the event of a crash. The treatment will be developed in conjunction with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, and Sage Automation.
The work continues one of CASR’s areas of focus in researching road engineering solutions that can make our roads safer.


Image of a bicycle being passed by a instrumented vehicle with details of distance to bicycle

Measuring cyclists-vehicle passing distances

Mass collection of naturalistic cyclist-vehicle passing distance data
(Dr. Jamie Mackenzie, Giulio Ponte and Matt Howe)

In recent years legislation has been introduced around Australia to create safe passing distances between motorists and cyclists when sharing the road. There is however limited information regarding effectiveness and risk throughout the road network. 
This study will produce a comprehensive data set of cyclist-vehicle passing distances with details about the passing distance and the location, along with a set of data processing and visualisation tools for evidence-based road safety intervention.

CASR will lead a collaboration between Insight Via Artificial Intelligence and Bicycle Network. The work continues CASR’s interest in cycling safety and the collection of traditionally unobtainable data.


Truck rollover event on rural road in South Australia

Truck rollover on rural road in South Australia

In-depth no-blame investigations of crashes involving trucks  (Sam Doecke, Sally Edwards,  Martin Elsegood, Giulio Ponte, James Thompson & Siobhan O'Donovan)

With the constantly increasing demand for the movement of goods and provision of services, trucks form an important backbone to our economy. There are many factors that influence safety in the transport sector. This activity will produce the first substantial dataset of in-depth, no-blame truck crash investigations in Australia.
The work undertaken will include analysis to identify contributing factors and determine the interventions that have the most potential to prevent or mitigate crashes involving trucks.

CASR has a long history of in-depth crash investigation programs that underpin its research activity. This work will bring a much-needed focus onto one of the key road safety challenges facing the community into the future.


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