Ingenuity Challenge

Computer Science

Do you have coding skills and a passion for problem solving? Here's your chance to tackle our Ingenuity Challenge.

Computer Science

The Ingenuity Challenge is a virtual combinatorial optimisation competition designed for students interested in testing out their programming and problem solving skills.

Optimisation is a common concept explored by our students studying within the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences (ECMS). It is also a key quality highlighted each year within Ingenuity, valued in the same light as innovation in its ability to have a real-world impact in shaping the world’s technical, social and commercial future.

Undertake the Ingenuity Challenge and test your programming skills whilst working to find solutions to a multi-component optimisation problem.

Participants will complete individually, checking their score as they go to maximise their result through the most effective and inventive allocation of resources under constraints. 

Many optimisation problems in the real world consist of several NP-hard combinatorial optimisation problems that interact with each other. Such multi-component problems are challenging to solve, not only because of the contained hard problems, but because of the interdependencies between the different components. These interdependencies complicate the process of finding good or even the optimal solutions, as each sub-problem influences the quality and feasibility of solutions of the other sub-problems.


  • How can I check if my solution is correct?

    Upon submission of your potential solution on the Ingenuity virtual platform, we will automatically check and validate your answer.

    Your score will only appear in the leaderboard if your answer has been validated as correct. 

  • Do I need to have coding skills?

    Yes. To actively participate in the Ingenuity Challenge you will require coding skills.

    We will provide some code in Java, C# and Matlab. You can use any programming language you like.

    The results are stored in a plain-text file. 

    The Ingenuity Challenge has been designed for students currently studying year 2/3/4 of a Bachelor of Computer Science or equivalent.

  • Is this event completely online?

    Yes. The Challenge has been designed to allow students with a relevant background to work on the problem set completely online. 

    To submit solutions, students are also required to register for the Ingenuity virtual platform.

  • Can I work on the problem in a team?

    No, the Ingenuity Challenge is designed for students to work on individually.

    Any submissions that are deemed to be collaborative will be disqualified.

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Remember, the Challenge kicks off 2pm AEST, Tuesday 27 October and lasts for 72 hours.


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