Where in the world are you?

We are surrounded by devices such as mobile phones which utilise satellite information for navigation.

These satellite signals are constantly changing in strength due to satellite and user movement. This variation has created difficulty for high-frequency radio specialists Codan Communications when testing receiver integration. 

To solve this, we have developed a low-cost GPS transmitter simulator using open-source software and software-defined radio. A combination of hardware and software has been integrated to simulate and transmit GPS signals for different times and locations. These signals can be adjusted by the user to generate degraded signal conditions. 

We present a system that generates and transmits GPS signals that are successfully received by a U-Blox GPS receiver. Our system provides a repeatable GPS signal with adjustable parameters for devices with embedded GPS receivers to be tested against.

Securing our future


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Sarah Eather
Giselle Stutzer

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