COVID-19 assessment, grading changes and Honours grade impact

Updated 12/06/20: Attention all ECMS students: To ensure that you are not disadvantaged in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University will make the following changes to its grading system:

How do I change my grade to a PNG? 
This option will be accessible following final grade release. Students will have 14 days to request a PNG via the central online form - for more details please visit the Results and Grades webpage.

Can I select which courses to select a PNG for, or do I choose all or no courses for conversion?
You have the choice to select all, some, or none of your passed courses for conversion to a PNG. For example, if your grades are HD, D, and P you may select to convert the P to a PNG but keep the HD and D and the associated GPA impact of these grades.

Are all courses able to access the PNG conversion?
Almost every course will have the option to be converted to a PNG, including all Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) courses. The main exemptions that impact ECMS students are the Masters by Coursework Research and 1-year Honours Research courses. For these courses, to ensure no negative impact on future research pathways and associated scholarships, grades will stand. Please contact your research project supervisor if you have any concerns regarding any negative impact of COVID-19 on your grade.

Courses taken as part of Summer School 2020 are also excluded.

How will a PNG impact my GPA and Engineering Honours Grade?
If students choose this option, their PNG grade will not count towards their Grade Point Average (GPA) calculations or Engineering Honours Grade Calculation.

Students can use the GPA calculator (all students) and the Honours Calculator Tool (Bachelor of Engineering  only) to help them decide whether to opt for a PNG.

Note: All undergraduate Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programs have embedded honours with a program duration of at least four years. Students in these programs must calculate their GPA using the Non-Honours GPA calculation and will receive a separate honours calculation upon completion of their program.

How does the WNF affect my GPA and Engineering Honours grade?
All Fail grades will be changed to WNF. A WNF grade does not count towards GPA or Honours calculations. Bachelor of Engineering students can find more information can be found on the ECMS Honours Calculation Tool website.

What if I am graduating at the end of semester 1 2020?
Students will receive their original Honours grade and GPA (all grades included) on 31st July when their conferral is processed. However, if they then have a conversion to PNG that alters their Honours grade or GPA, this will need to be processed by Ask ECMS as a post-conferral amendment and recorded on the official conferral addendum. All documents will then be amended and re-published.

What if I still have questions?
If you would like clarification based on this email and the changes please visit the COVID-19 Assessment and Grades FAQ webpage and please don't hesitate to contact us at

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