Unit Overload Request

While a 100% study load for a semester is 12 units, if you wish to enrol in more than 15 units in a semester, you will need to seek approval by completing this unit overload request form.

The online enrolment system will normally allow you to enrol in up to 15 units per semester. This is considered an overload of three units. Some programs are capped at 12 units per semester.

Approval for a unit overload is based on your previous academic performance and takes into consideration your future study pathways. The approval of the overload is done in consultation with our learning and quality associate dean.

It will be your responsibility to manage your workload if an overload request is approved.

Submit a unit overload request

A unit overload request will only be considered once you have attempted to enrol in all of your courses.

The unit overload will cause the last enrolment to fail. Access Adelaide will then display an enrolment request ID number. This number will allow the faculty office to assess the enrolment request.

Once you have the enrolment request ID number, you can complete the following form.

Enrolment request ID number

Personal details

The course you wish to enrol into

Reason for overloading

Please note: approval for unit overload is based on students' previous academic performance.

Approval and understanding for overriding clashes/overload for enrolment

I understand the implications of my enrolment and the clashes/overload that will occur. I am prepared to accept responsibility for the consequences of this clash/overload.

Note: Timetable clashes will still need to be managed. Please make yourself aware of the online resources available to you and make contact with the relevant course coordinators to determine if measures can be put in place for work missed as a result of a clash.

Please refer to Access Adelaide to confirm your request has been processed and to confirm your class times.
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