Summer Research Scholarships

Spend your summer immersed in STEM, working alongside our world-class scientists.

Undergraduate student Karri Thomas gets some hands-on research experience in the lab during her Summer Research Scholarship placement at Waite

Undergraduate student Karri Thomas gets some hands-on research experience in the lab during her Summer Research Scholarship placement at Waite

The program is open to current undergraduate students, particularly those in the later years of their Bachelor’s degree who are interested in pursuing research studies in the near future.

The scholarships are designed to foster an interest in research by eligible students who might not have yet considered a career requiring an Honours Degree or Higher Degree by Research.

Summer Research Scholarships (SRS) are available in all schools and across all fields which means you can explore new research areas and uncover new career pathways.

Projects and applications

There are several types of summer research scholarships, you are strongly encouraged to apply for more than one type.

  • Duration and funding

    • At least six weeks during the summer vacation
    • Scholarships may be extended to more than six weeks subject to funding availability
    • Each scholarship provides a living allowance of $200 per week.
  • Available projects

    The diverse range of projects being offered for the summer vacation period are listed in our research opportunities guide.

  • Key dates

    • July - research projects advertised and applications open.
    • September - Deadline to apply (as per above).
    • Mid-late November - outcome of application advised.
    • Late November / start December - summer scholarships start.
  • How to apply

    1. Refer to the Scholarship rules to ensure you are eligible
    2. Search for an SRS opportunity in our research opportunities guide to find a supervisor
    3. Go to the online application when applications open and download the Research Project and Supervisor form
    4. Approach your preferred supervisor and agree on a project and possible start date
    5. Finalise all required information on the Research Project and Supervisor form and obtain the supervisor's signature. If this is not possible to arrange, an email confirming their approval will suffice and must be attached at the time of application
    6. Complete and submit your online application (attaching the Research Project and Supervisor form) before 5pmFriday 17 September
    7. Keep a copy of your completed application for your own records.

    Special conditions:

    Preference is given to students who have completed two years of study. Outstanding first year students, or students who have just completed their bachelor’s degree, may be considered. Non-University of Adelaide students are also welcome to apply

Frequently asked questions

  • When do the research scholarships start and finish?

    Scholarship positions run between late November and February.

    The scholarship period can be split before and after the Christmas break if desired, but the exact dates will need to be negotiated directly with your supervisor.

  • How many scholarships are offered each year?

    The number of scholarships varies each year due to the availability of supervisors and a suitable research project within each school.

  • Can international students apply for these scholarships?

    Yes, scholarships are available to both domestic and onshore international students.

    Offshore international students are ineligible to apply due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

    Onshore international students will be required to show a current visa permitting study in Australia beyond February 2022 to be eligible to apply for these scholarships.

  • Can non-University of Adelaide students apply for these scholarships?

    Yes, scholarships offered by the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology are available to students who aren’t currently studying at the University of Adelaide as long as they are interested in pursuing an Honours or Higher Degree by Research (MPhil/PhD) with the University.

    Non-UofA students must provide insurance from their home university. If uninsured, please contact to enquire.

    Scholarships offered by the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine are available to non-Adelaide students.

    Non-Adelaide students interested in chemistry, earth sciences (geology) or physics please contact the School of Physical Sciences to find out if you are eligible to apply for a researcher funded summer scholarship. 

    All other scholarships are only open to current University of Adelaide undergraduate students.

  • Are my grades considered in the application process?

    Due to the availability of suitable projects, scholarships may not be awarded strictly on the basis of academic merit.

    Applicants should have completed at least two years (48 units) of study of their program, at a standard acceptable for admission to an Honours program. In exceptional circumstances, these scholarships may be awarded to students on completion of the first year of a program, but only after consideration of the applicants who have completed second year.

    Please refer to the scholarship rules. 

  • Can a research internship or scholarship be credited towards the ‘Practical Experience’ component required for the undergraduate engineering study programs?

    Please refer to requirements outlined on the engineering intenrships webpage.