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You've seen our make history campaign and communications in-market and on-campus. But what's the idea all about?

When you have a strong and rich history, it's easy to sit back and celebrate past achievements. But we don't want to do that. We want to be obsessed with the history we're about to make. That's what we're most excited about.

Because at the University of Adelaide our tradition is imagining how things ought to be, not keeping things as they are. With each new achievement or discovery, we ask ourselves 'what's next?'

Our students are on their own personal journey to champion the career or cause they're truly passionate about. To make a difference but also to create the history of their own life - those lifelong friends made or once in a lifetime experiences that shape who they are. They want to feel a sense of pride - for themselves and from family and friends. 

Our researchers and business partners are helping progress their fields and businesses by embracing lateral thinking and new ways of working. Whether it's training the world's first COVID sniffer dogs, preventing blindness amongst young kids or joining a hackathon to solve missing persons cases. 

We are like-minded trailblazers, pushing boundaries, getting stuff done, having fun. It's history in the making


You can help share the make history story

There's examples of staff and students doing great things in every pocket of our university. Across our faculty, in schools, research centres and student clubs, people are delivering work, embracing challenges and creating experiences that will make history on a personal level or for their community or the world.

You can help shine a light on these, in ways both big and small.


Share news from your local area on personal social media accounts
  • Channels like LinkedIn and Twitter are ideal to celebrate achievements.
  • There's no need to wait for a big breakthrough, let's celebrate work that's underway right now, issues we're tackling and the clever people doing it. This is the history we're about to make.
  • Set the challenge for the next generation. Ask 'what's next?'
  • Provide existing links to online articles, media releases, podcasts, Research Tuesdays, impact stories, or even academic papers. There's a huge supply of content on our website and in the media, so let's share it!
  • Don't forget to use our hashtag #UAMakeHistory.
  • Tag your colleagues, school or faculty accounts and @uniofadelaide.
  • Encourage staff across your area to actively talk about what they're doing too.
Consider our brand voice
  • Celebrate, without bragging. Focus on outcomes. Consider the 'why' - not just the 'what'. Explain benefits to stakeholders (what does it mean for our students/partners/government/state/community?).
  • Be future focused.
  • Use inclusive language: we, us, our.
Language that works
  • We've only just begun. 
  • Together, let's make history.
  • At a place that's made history for almost 150 years...
  • We've made a habit of breaking new ground/achieving big things/making history.
  • We're asking the questions that will shape history.
  • We're inspiring the next generation of history-makers.
  • We can't wait to see what's around the corner... or we're excited by what's next. 
  • It's history in the making... or it's history made.
  • Just one/some of the way's we're making history in (business/climate change/patient care).
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