We improve the health, welfare and productivity of all animals through our research into local and global issues facing the animal and veterinary industries.

The School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences has international leaders who explore broad areas of research including animal behaviour, biology, population health, infectious diseases, reproduction, livestock and equine health.

Professor Darren Trott

Our research also extends to professional practice which aims to enrich the education and career outcomes of our future veterinarians and animal scientists.

Our research is buoyed by excellent facilities at Roseworthy campus, the school’s 1671-hectare home north of Adelaide. Here we conduct laboratory-based, animal-based, clinical and field research.

Our research environment fosters a broad range of research collaborations with local, national and international organisations and institutions. We have key links to the beef, sheep, pork and poultry industries who we partner with to deliver evidence-based research outcomes.

Centres & Institutes  Key collaborations


Research strengths

Our scientists work across the following multidisciplinary themes. Across all themes, our research has been rated by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) as:

  • Well above world standard - Veterinary sciences
  • At world standard - Animal production


Research centres, facilities and initiatives

Australian Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Ecology

ACARE is at the forefront of antimicrobial resistance surveillance in livestock.

We develop new and repurposed antimicrobials and work with livestock industries to develop viable alternatives and stewardship policies.

ACARE website

JS Davies Animal Research Centre

Ruminant animal experts explore the interactions between genetics, physiology, management and the natural environment.

We’re working to improve animal productivity, welfare and the quality of food for consumers.

Davies Centre website

Australasian Pork Research Institute

Finding solutions for key industry challenges, APRIL is the successor of the Pork CRC.

APRIL researchers sink their snouts into food quality, cost, production capital, pig welfare, environmental and consumer health.

APRIL website

Evidence Synthesis Initiative for Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Relevant and high quality evidence to support decision-making in animal industries and veterinary practice.

ESIAVS website

Veterinary Health Centres

Our state-of-the-art 24-hour teaching hospital is home to our Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and health services for companion animals, horses and production animals.

VHC website

COVID-19 Detector Dog Program

A dog’s nose is the new technology identifying COVID-19 in humans. We're leading Australian research and trials into detector dogs to identify and prevent the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Dogs

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