Australian Rover Challenge

The Australian Rover Challenge (ARCh) returned in 2022! University students from across Australia who tested their rovers by competing in a full-scale simulated lunar mission.

The University of Adelaide, in partnership with the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC), supported by the Australian Space Agency and the SmartSAT CRC are excited to host the Australian Rover Challenge.

The competition is a new addition to the University Rover Challenge series run in America, Canada, Europe and India.

Australian Space Agency Trailblazer post-landing task

Your Rover has just landed on the surface of the Moon. Your team is now required to execute a task list to work towards establishing an in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) outpost. Tasks include: conduct a systems check on the lander and relay any damage to the judges, navigate to and find the location of the Supply Cache while traversing obstacles and drops, and initiate start-up protocol.

iSpace lunar resources task

Rovers will conduct in-situ resource ​identification, ​extraction​ and deposition or processing at three potential sample sites bearing varying levels of frozen water. Rovers will process the extracted regolith and deposit recovered liquid water and remnant material to the processing plant supply cache.

Lunar construction task

Use your Rover to interact and alter the local lunar environment using construction bricks to support the mission goal of establishing a surface mining outpost in preparation for permanent Human settlement. Rovers will construct a safely navigable road between key points of interest for use in the Autonomous task.

Autonomous task

This task demonstrates the Rover’s ability for semi- to fully-autonomous traversal. All planning and estimation operations must be done by the Rover through smart navigation strategy, sensor fusion and image data processing. Rovers will be tasked with navigating to points of interest using their newly constructed road.

ARC 2021: the inaugural event

See all the action from the first ever Australian challenge, held at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus.

2021 team results

Find out the exciting results from the 2021 challenge.

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