Australian Rover Challenge

Australian Rover Challenge

21 - 24 March 2024 

EXTERRES Analogue Facility

Roseworthy Campus / South Australia


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Rover on sand

The Mission

The Australian Rover Challenge (ARCh) is an annual robotics competition held by the University of Adelaide, where university students from across Australia and around the globe, battle it out in a full-scale Lunar mission, using semi-autonomous rovers that they have designed and built themselves.

Competitors showcase their skills in a custom built simulated lunar environment, and complete a range of tasks including navigation, resource, and construction. Unlike many other rover competitions across the world which focus on Martian exploration, the ARCh is focused specifically on completing tasks on a simulated Lunar surface.




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Registrations for the 2024 Australian Rover Challenge have now closed. 

The rules and requirements document is now available to view:

Rules & Requirements V4.0

The SAR guidelines are now available to review:

SAR Guidelines V1.0

Congratulations to the 2024 Australian Rover Challenge winners!

Project Scoprio

Project Scorpio

First place

Monash Nova Rover

Monash Nova Rover

Second place

UQ Space

UQ Space

Third place


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