Information for Teams

John Culton, Director of the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, welcomes all students and teams who are participating in the Australian Rover Challenge.

John Culton

A/Prof John Culton
Director, Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources

Welcome! On behalf of the Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, I am pleased to welcome you to the Australian Rover Challenge.

While the ultimate focus of our Centre is to support long-term human presence beyond low-earth orbit, we know that our astronauts will necessarily be preceded, and then accompanied by, significant numbers and varied types of remotely operated or semi-autonomous robots.

Thus, initiatives to further develop an Australian competency in this sector align perfectly with our Centre’s mission.

We are endeavouring to deliver a highly rewarding and globally unique challenge series. Importantly, the skill sets developed in support of this challenge are becoming increasingly relevant as efforts to develop infrastructure required to support long-duration human operations in deep space steadily gain support from programs such as NASA’s Artemis. Once again, welcome to Adelaide and the Australian Rover Challenge. We are looking forward to seeing what you and your rovers can accomplish.

The 2024 ARCh will run from Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 March 2024, at the University of Adelaide Roseworthy Campus. 

This is the first time the Australian Rover Challenge has been held at the Roseworthy Campus. To help navigate your way out to Roseworthy, and to assist you in planning your visit and stay here in Adelaide, we have gathered some useful links and information.

  • Adelaide, South Australia

    Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is one of the worlds’ most liveable cities. Its vibrant and charming destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and a relaxed lifestyle, and is home to the Australian Space Agency.

    Wanting to know more about Adelaide? Visit the South Australian Tourism Commission or Experience Adelaide websites for further information on what to see and do while you're in Adelaide. 

  • Roseworthy Campus

    The University of Adelaide's purpose-built course this year is at the University’s Roseworthy Campus, approximately 60kms north of the city centre, Mudla Wirra Rd, Roseworthy.

    The Roseworthy campus is the major centre for South Australia’s animal and veterinary science research and teaching and home to the new Exterres Analogue Facility.

    More info

    Map of the route from Adelaide to Roseworthy
  • Transportation and parking

    There are several options for transportation to and from the University of Adelaide Roseworthy Campus, either from the Adelaide CBD, or Gawler City Centre. 

    By car

    From the Adelaide CBD the drive is approximately 45 – 60 minutes depending on the time of the day and traffic conditions.

    From Gawler the drive is approximately 15 - 25 minutes depending on the time of the day and traffic conditions.

    There are several rental car companies in Adelaide. Some companies have small buses and people movers in their fleet.

    There is ample free parking on site close (approximately 5-minute walk) to the competition site.

    There will be a dedicated unloading zone in the competition vicinity for each team.

    By train

    The train from the Adelaide Railway Station to Gawler Central Railway Station (train service GAWC) takes about an hour. You will still then need to make your way to Roseworthy Campus.

    Fares can be purchased using the Adelaide Metro tap and pay onboard validators with a Visa or Mastercard (credit/debit card or an enabled smart phone or device). 

    For further information, contact the Adelaide Metro InfoLine

    Phone 1300 311 108 or visit them at Adelaide Railway Station, North Terrace, Adelaide 7am – 8pm every day.

    A taxi or rideshare from Gawler to Roseworthy will take 15 - 25 minutes depending on the time of the day and traffic conditions.

    Gawler Taxi’s Phone (08) 8523 1366. This option may provide limited capacities.

    By Taxi / Rideshare;

    Both Uber and Adelaide Taxi Service can conveniently take you to Roseworthy, though it’s important to be mindful of potential expenses, and potential challenges getting back to Adelaide due to limited services in the region. It may be worthwhile pre-booking either taxi or rideshare services ahead of time if you know your departure time to ensure guaranteed service. 

  • Accommodation

    A wide variety of accommodation can be found in Adelaide city, however if staying in Adelaide we recommend staying on the Northern side of the city where you can easily access the Northern Connector Highway (the side of the city towards Roseworthy Campus).

    Gawler is the closest town to Roseworthy Campus (approx. 10km away) and offers a limited number of accommodation options.

    For more information on accommodation, see below.

    Gawler Visitor Information Centre

    South Australian Tourism Commission

    Experience Adelaide