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Energy is fundamental to our society but its generation and use is a major cause of greenhouse gas and pollutants. CMEC is focused on designing new materials to create clean and affordable energy.

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CMEC is part of the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. Students who study a postgraduate research degree with the Faculty have the option of undertaking a research project in the area of new materials for energy and catalysis with a CMEC research supervisor. We prepare our students for working in renowned institutions worldwide.

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Project and scholarship information

  • Nanostructured Electrocatalysts for Sustainable Clean Energy Generation
  • Nanostructured Materials for High-Performance Metal Ion Batteries and Aqueous Batteries
  • Preparation of Nanostructured Materials for Photocatalysis
  • Energy Materials Design by Computational Electrochemistry and Modelling
  • ARC-funded PhD scholarship: (1) Sustainable Production of Fuels and Chemicals via Electrocatalysis or Photocatalysis; (2) Novel Battery Technology

Consulting services

We offer an advisory service to industry research centres looking to develop new materials for energy, improve cost efficiencies in energy conversion through the development of new catalysts, and develop new energy storage systems.

To discuss collaboration opportunities with us, please contact:

Professor Shizhang Qiao

CMEC Director

ARC Laureate and Highly Cited Researcher (Chemistry and Materials)


Dr Yan Jiao

CMEC Associate Director

ARC Future Fellow and Highly Cited Researcher (Chemistry)



We work with researchers from the University of Adelaide and other institutions on research projects across various disciplines to advance the science to application levels, potentially changing the future of energy storage and creation.