Creating New Energy Solutions

CMEC is committed to providing energy solutions to improve social, environmental and economic sustainability and create jobs for the future.

energy storage image

Designing materials and new processes is key to developing sustainable and cost-effective energy generation, storage and conversion.

Our interdisciplinary and cooperative environment enables us to conduct cutting-edge research and perform activities in the field of materials for energy and catalysts. Our current areas of focus include:

Energy storage and catalysts

We develop high-performance materials for next-generation energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries, lithium/sodium-sulphur batteries, metal-air batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells.


We design active, selective, and stable electro-catalysts for renewable energy conversion reactions such as water electrolysis, CO2 reduction reaction, and green ammonia production.

Solar energy

We design semiconductor and carbon-based photo-catalysts for photocatalytic water purification, solar photovoltaic, solar water splitting to produce H2 and O2, photocatalytic reduction of CO2, photocatalytic synthesis of organic substances, and solar gasification.


We build molecular models for materials and investigate their activity for each reaction and application by quantum chemistry computations, as well as develop mathematical modelling of materials synthesis from laboratory to pilot to commercial production.



We develop nano-catalysts for hydrolysis, carbonisation and liquefaction of organic feedstocks, and catalytic cracking of hydrothermally produced oils.


We explore novel nanostructured semi-conducting catalysts for antibacterial applications and water disinfection, and investigate biocompatible and biodegradable nanostructures to immobilise protein-based or biomimetic biocatalysts for organic/polymer synthesis, biomass conversion, and CO2 looping.