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The Women in STEM Careers (WiSC) Program connects high-achieving STEM students with industry partners. We are currently seeking partners to continue our program into the future.

WiSC provides professional development opportunities to women studying STEM, while acting as a talent identification pipeline program for participating organisations. Through industry partnership, the program promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This program enables early identification of future talent for graduate employment opportunities. 

Seeking industry partners

Women in STEM Careers

We are seeking industry partners to support the program from 2022 - 2024. Available options include:  

Major partner
Branded events within the program, recognition across all marketing materials and a pipeline of graduates into your company.

Supporting partner
Social media recognition, opportunity to partake in all sessions, opportunity to connect directly with a targeted cohort of student participants.

Custom arrangement
We can tailor an approach that aligns with your strategic goals, please contact us for more information. 

Industry partners are invited to meet and mentor female students who are completing either a science, engineering, mathematics or computer science (STEM) degree at the University of Adelaide.

We aim to provide students with exposure to a broad range of STEM careers, opinions and experiences from all career levels. Industry partners may participate in a variety of ways, including:

  • mentoring
  • networking
  • guest panel events
  • subject-matter training sessions
  • graduate program information sessions
  • providing technical advice.

We welcome involvement from STEM industry professionals (both male and female), small to medium enterprise, government and the corporate sector. 

We also encourage members of our alumni to get involved. Involvement can take up as little or as much time as partners are able to contribute.

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  • About the Women in STEM Careers (WiSC) Program

    Held annually from March, the WiSC Program consists of a series of workshops, lectures, panel sessions, practical activities and industry networking events.

    The WiSC Program commences with personal development sessions, where students undertake emotional intelligence, strengths and resilience training. These sessions lead into professional development activities in personal branding, job application writing and interview techniques. Students can also participate in career-focussed industry panel sessions. Throughout the program, industry partners can communicate directly with students and provide one-on-one mentoring.

  • Benefits for industry partners

    Your organisation’s involvement in the WiSC Program will help to develop women studying STEM into future professionals. Partnership benefits include:

    • talent identification of high-achieving STEM students
    • mentoring students for graduate roles
    • supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace
    • positioning  your organisation as an employer of choice for our graduates
    • working with the South Australian tertiary sector to develop future professionals
    • community outreach through your staff’s participation in the program
    • helping to identify and overcome barriers faced by women pursuing STEM careers.

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    To find out more about participating in the Women in STEM Careers (WiSC) Program, please contact us at