The Program

The program consists of a range of personal and professional development workshops over the course of a year. Examples of sessions include: 

Strengths workshop / Building confidence and courage workshop

The maximising strengths session focuses on the theory behind a strengths-based approach and how to apply it to a STEM career. 

The Building confidence and courage workshop is based around what is holding you back and and how you can overcome these issues by providing participants with a toolbox of strategies to building confidence and courage. 

Resume training

Students are given the opportunity to polish their resume and cover letter and participate in a resume peer review session. From this session, participants will have evolved their marketing documents and feel confident about articulating their experiences. 

Online brand workshop

Participants learn a range of social media platforms and how to build their own unique online brand and market themselves to industry. 

Interview and networking

Participants will learn about how to approach job interviews and networking and give tips and hints on how to do this in an authentic way. participants will then have an opportunity to practice these skills with industry and gain valuable feedback. 

Industry panel and networking

Participants will hear from various women across multiple STEM industries about their career experience and their journey. They discuss any challenges they may have faced during their career, followed by Q&A.