Viral Pathogenesis

The Viral Pathogenesis Research Laboratory is interested in the host cellular response to viral infection and identification of genes and signalling pathways that are induced in an attempt to control viral replication in particular hepatitis C, dengue and Zika virus.


Using a genomics approach, we have identified hundreds of genes expressed following viral infection and interferon stimulation. We are now characterising these using cell culture based and mouse models of viral infection.

We are also interested in host proteins that are hijacked by the virus. Using CRISPR/Cas9 genome wide knockout screens, we have identified a number of cellular proteins that are essential for viral replication across the Flaviviridae family.

The Viral Pathogenesis Research Laboratory has a long history studying the hepatitis viruses, although studying viral host interactions has been problematic because of a lack of culture cells that resemble the in vivo hepatocyte.

We have therefore embarked on a program to develop human liver organoids that resemble liver tissue in culture that will allow us to investigate viral hepatocyte responses and interactions.

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