HDR Scholarships

A key component of the SmartSat CRC is the development of Australia’s future space industry workforce. To support this endeavor, the CRC has established of the SmartSat Education and Training College with the aim to graduate more than PhD students over its seven year lifespan.

As a core partner, The University of Adelaide will be involved in the development and supervision of PhD projects in partnership with the Smartsat CRC and its industry partners. Project opportunities for candidates include working within established research projects or focusing on standalone projects that align with the SmartSat research program.

  • SmartSat HDR Scholarships

    For up-to-date information on research topics, funding amount (full scholarships or top-up), eligibility criteria and application procedure, visit the education page of SmartSat CRC.

    If you would like to apply for a SmartSat HDR Scholarship to conduct postgraduate studies at The University of Adelaide, the following provides information on how to apply, in tandem with the application procedure of SmartSat CRC.

    Application procedure
    1. Carefully study the information on SmartSat CRC.
    2. Express your interest to a potential supervisor with the relevant research area.
    3. Together with your potential supervisor, develop a research proposal using the application form. Note that this will require the identificatiopn of an industry end-user.
    4. Submit your application to SmartSat CRC.
    5. In parallel with Step 4 above, apply for admission and scholarship (RTP for Australian residents and international scholarships for non-residents) through the Adelaide Graduate Centre.
  • Professorial Chair of Sentient Satellites Scholarships

    These are top-up scholarships established with the Professorial Chair. Applicants must be eligible for RTP funding, and the HDR positions must be undertaken with supervision from Prof Tat-Jun Chin. To apply, please contact Prof Chin directly.