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The Australian Space Architecture Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of the rapidly growing space sector in Australia. 

Endorsed by the Australian Space Agency (ASA) and the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC), it aligns with the vision to develop innovative solutions for space, build a robust future space workforce, and define a strong supply chain and space industry. It brings together the best of STEM fields with aspects of creativity and culture to promote a holistic approach to human future in space. So no matter which industry or organisation you belong to, there is room here for valuable collaboration and partnership. Come be a part of the future!

Partnership opportunities

Partnership options could include:

  • Contribution towards the final monetary prizes for winners
  • Contribution towards special in-kind prizes and support for winners
  • Contribution towards supporting participants in financial hardship
  • Contribution towards materials and process to organise the competition
  • Contribution towards organisation of promotional events and marketing
  • Contribution towards dissemination of outcomes and public engagement
  • Contribution towards industry engagement and supply chain integration

Partnership benefits

As a partner of ASAC we will provide a range of opportunities for brand recognition and potential involvement in the design and delivery of the competition. Depending on the goals of your organisation and level of support this could include:

  • Featuring your brand and logo on the event brochure and website 
  • Featuring your brand and logo on social media and marketing 
  • Featuring your brand and logo on print banners at national events
  • Featuring your brand and logo on print banners at international events
  • Featuring your brand and logo on the winning entries at final exhibition
  • Sponsoring of unique named prizes in addition to major prizes
  • Opportunity to present a seminar/technical session for participants 
  • Participating as a judge for future competitions
  • Working with organisers to define future competition tasks 
  • Promoting employment pathways or internships for your company

Expressions of interest

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner.

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