Professor Mike McLaughlin named Fellow of Soil Science Australia

Professor Mike McLaughlin

Professor Mike McLaughlin, FTRC director, has been awarded one of the highest honours Soil Science Australia offers: being made a Fellow.

Professor McLaughlin and Professor Balwant Singh (University of Sydney) join in 2017 the group of very distinguished Fellows, Professors Pichu Rengasamy, Alex McBratney, Deli Chen, Lyn Abbott, Steven Raine and Neal Menzies, all of whom have made, and continue to make a significant contribution both to soil science and to Soil Science Australia.

In the official announcement from Soil Science Australia, we quote:

“Mike McLaughlin has an excellent track record as an educator, with many young scientists who have worked with him going on to impressive careers in their own right. He has also made a significant contribution to Soil Science Australia and is an outstanding representative of the discipline of Soil Science.”

FTRC and many students past and present congratulate Mike on this soil science distinction.

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