International student mentoring program

As an international student studying at the University of Adelaide, we understand that there can be additional questions and challenges to your student experience.

International students working together

To address this, we have developed a mentoring program for our international students that aims to connect our international students (mentee) with our senior academic staff (mentor) in Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials.
The first phase of the mentoring program is available to all the first year Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials international students.

Your role as a mentee

A mentee is proactive, and ready to receive feedback. As a mentee, you will actively seek guidance from your mentor to help develop your study objectives, career goal, and professional knowledge through their advice. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your study, how to develop your career in Australia under your mentor’s guidance, and prepare yourself for the workplace. 

Mentors and mentees are expected to connect for at least three one-on-one mentor sessions (in-person, phone, email or zoom). The mentoring relationship should be maintained until graduation.

What should I discuss during meetings?

Here is a selection of questions that can help kickstart your meetings with your mentor.

  • study plan/ objectives
  • issues on study and living in Adelaide 
  • career plan, including work experience
  • mutual expectations

How will I benefit from the program?

The experience and knowledge of our established academic staff can help you improve your learning experience in Adelaide and prepare your path to success in your career. 

How do I get a mentor?

In 2021, all current first year international students have been paired with an academic mentor. 


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Life on campus

We want your time with us to be a rewarding, life-changing experience, filled with opportunities to challenge, transform and expand your mind, attitude, beliefs and social connections.


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