School of Chemical Engineering

The School of Chemical Engineering focuses on sustainability and societal challenges related to energy production, new drugs and biological products, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions – all critical to the future of our planet. 

Through our globally recognised research and teaching, we are well-positioned to train the next generation of engineers to tackle these challenges and help transition to a more sustainable future. 

Our innovative solutions for sustainable products, future energy technologies, and novel catalysts for resource recovery and utilisation are contributing to the development of a circular economy – where waste is minimised, and resources are recycled and reused. 

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Expand your industry connections and skills with our PhD and Masters-level research degrees.  

HDR opportunities

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Learn from our world-renowned experts and make ground-breaking discoveries in our state-of-the-art facilities.  

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Latest news

Australian Rover Challenge 2022

University students from across Australia tested their rovers by competing in a full-scale simulated lunar mission at the Australian Rover Challenge.

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Physics is not only practical, but elegant too.

The CodeVita coding challenge is closing soon!

CodeVita is the flagship student coding competition for TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (TCS). This upcoming event is gearing up to be the most challenging and exciting global coding contest of all time.


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