Australian Rover Challenge 2022

University students from across Australia tested their rovers by competing in a full-scale simulated lunar mission at the Australian Rover Challenge.

group photo of all participants of the rover challenge

This year's challenge saw Australian university students building, operating and competing their semi-autonomous rovers in a simulated lunar environment, accomplishing navigation, resource utilisation, and construction tasks while assisted and mentored by international industry and government partners.

The rovers attempted In-situ resource evaluation, performed semi-autonomous tasks and interacted with the environment using a robotic arm. In addition to the physical challenge, students presented their rover designs to industry professionals, academia and Australian Rover Challenge judges. 

After three sunny days on the Maths Lawn at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace camps, the students completed their four challenges while entertaining spectators for the top spot. The results were:

  • Winner – Monash University 
  • Runner up – University of Melbourne
  • Best team culture – UTS

Congratulations to our other participants, University of Adelaide and University of Queensland.

Thank you to all of our student participants and our industry partners and sponsors for such an exciting competition!

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