For Exhibitors

Preparing your project, display and self for Ingenuity requires hard work, planning and a lot of practice. As a student exhibitor, we aim to support you along the way.

Student exhibitors talking about project

Ingenuity marks a significant milestone in your studies.

It is a fantastic opportunity to display your hard work to a range of audiences, practice your communication skills and celebrate your achievements.

In 2023, we welcomed over 3,500 attendees including academic staff and supervisors from the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology (SET), other University of Adelaide staff, industry and government representatives, prospective students and the general community. 

    Exhibitor tips

    Before the day

      • Build your display and design your A0 poster

        Your group will be allocated a space to showcase its project. A sign across the top will display the project’s slogan/tag line and stand number, helping you to locate it when you arrive to set up. Stands vary in size depending on each group’s requirements. For special requests (e.g. water, compressed air, three-phase power), please contact your school’s event coordinator as it may impact the location of your stand in the expo hall. Think about the aim of your project and what you need to best display it, whether it be a scale model, simulation or diagram. You'll find A0 poster templates in the MyUni course for Ingenuity. 

      • Perfect your elevator pitch

        Considering the aim of your project and how to display it will help you develop your “elevator pitch”. Explain your project in one sentence and use this to intrigue your audience, invite questions, and show why your work is important. This will prepare you for speaking with industry, school students and judges. Avoid using jargon or technical terms until you have determined your audience’s level of knowledge.

      • Practise your presentation

        Take time to practise your presentation before the event, especially with people without a background in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). If they can understand your project, you will be well-prepared.

      • Film your video presentation

        You will be required to submit a pre-recorded 60 - 90 second video for use on the Ingenuity virtual platform. Your video will also be used as your submission to the People's Choice Competition, where fellow students, friends, family, industry and the general public can vote for your project to win the prize. Here are some tips and tricks for creating your video.

      On the day

      • Make the most of your audience

        Ingenuity is an invaluable professional development opportunity. Presenting your project will develop your communication skills and prepare you for job interviews and your future career. The industry presence gives you a great opportunity for networking and making contacts—students have received job offers as a direct result of Ingenuity in the past.

      • Be approachable

        Communication consists of both verbal and non-verbal elements. To enhance your presentation, consider ways in which to make it more engaging, such as positioning yourself in front of your table to make it easier for people to start a conversation with you. Avoid hiding behind your desk, computer or smartphone, or sitting around with your friends on the floor at your display.

      • Prepare for assessment and judging

        Assessment of projects is part of Ingenuity for some of our schools. Your school’s event coordinator will give you more information on the assessment process. On a faculty level, there will be judging for overall prizes within four categories, including communication, innovation, social impact, and people’s choice.