Visit Ingenuity

We welcome all visitors at Ingenuity, current university students, high school students and their teachers, industry members and the general public. Admission is free.

Ingenuity is an exhibition featuring a range of interactive, STEM-focused activities. It provides an insight into the variety of career opportunities available across architecture and built environment, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 

Futher information about how to attend will be uploaded here when available.

Project preview - projects from previous years

Ingenuity innovators create robotic remote control solution to clear power lines

Mechanical Engineering students Katherine Carlos, Nickita Chen, Fida Hussain, Wenzheng Liu and Sheryl Mourin have used their innovation and collaboration skills to design a robotic, remote-controlled hybrid system that flies up to 80 metres to clear high transmission maintenance lines – decreasing hazards to maintenance workers.

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Final year engineering students investigate carbon capture and storage solutions to reduce emissions

For their honours project, Bachelor of Engineering (Petroleum) students Liam Alchin and Andre Lymn investigated how to ensure a gas reservoir would be suitable for the injection and long term storage of CO2.

“The opportunity to work on a laboratory based project provided us with a practical understanding of concepts learnt throughout our degree. As well as developing our time management and problem solving skills when dealing with unexpected delays and issues,” they said.

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