Past projects

At Ingenuity 2021, projects were organised under one of five themes. 

Each theme represents how the projects could be used in everyday life to help improve the ways we live and work.

Using virtual reality (VR), you can explore our world-class facilities and learn more about each of our 300+ student projects.

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Sustainable process and materials engineering laboratory aka the Yellow lab

Sustainable Process and Materials Engineering Laboratory

Also known as the Yellow lab, this facility features a state-of-the-art laboratory, equipped with a diverse range of facilities to perform high impact scientific research, educational teaching and training activities, and high tech material instrumental characterisation.


Plant accelerator

The Plant Accelerator

Our state-of-the-art Plant Accelerator facility has a fully robotic plant management system that allows automatic and repeatable control of growing conditions for up to 2400 plants at a time. Research projects facilitated by this technology vary from large scale screening of early growth, salinity tolerance to water and nutrient use efficiency.


Acoustics and vibration laboratory

Acoustics and Vibration Laboratory

The University of Adelaide has three high-quality acoustic chambers, including two reverberation chambers and one anechoic chamber for facilitating sound transmission loss, sound absorption, sound power and acoustic radiation measurements.


First year architecture studio

First Year Architecture Studio

Our dedicated first year studio provides a productive, inspirational space for students to engage in problem solving and critical thinking through project-based learning. This flexible space is ideal for creative design, model-making, drawing and collaboration between students and staff.


Creation Studio

Creation Studio

Part of our Innovation suite of studios, the Creation Studio is a dedicated space allowing our students to design, develop and test ideas for interactive projects across different areas of engineering and technology.


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