Biomedical Engineering

As biomedical engineers, we combine problem-solving skills and technical know-how, to generate technologies for people to stay healthy, and to diagnose and treat diseases.  

We are world-renowned for our expertise in areas such as bio-sensing and cardiovascular analysis.

Our Biomedical Engineering discipline is a highly cross-disciplinary branch of engineering and touches on areas such as data science, machine learning, advanced computational design, and wearable technologies. 

3D imaging device for heart disease

This ground-breaking 3D printed imaging device (pictured) can spot dangerous plaques that cause heart attacks to fight against heart disease. And it’s tiny - no bigger than a grain of rice.

Wide-ranging research

We are a key player in Adelaide’s BioMed City, which is one of the largest health precincts in the southern hemisphere and our knowledge spans topics including: 

  1. Biomechanics and fluid dynamics 
  2. Biomedical sensing and instrumentation 
  3. Biomechanics such as the design and development of sports and health equipment  
  4. Medical imaging and signal processing 
  5. Medical devices, implantable biomedical integrated circuits, and neural engineering 
  6. Integrated circuits and photonics for active health monitoring, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes 

We regularly collaborate across disciplines to achieve our research goals.  

Our research