Mechanical Engineering

Within the Mechanical Engineering discipline, we provide a solid foundation of theory and hands-on experience to push the limits of modern technology. Our knowledge and insights make a profound impact on the world – from developing the fuel and combustion system used in the Sydney Olympic torch, to designing low-drag helmets. 

Our Mechanical Engineering discipline focuses on how the physical world moves. It covers expertise in control and dynamics, robotics and automation, design and systems, energy science and engineering, fluids and heat transfer, nanoscale materials and mechanics of materials, biomechanical engineering, maritime and naval engineering, and advanced manufacturing.  

Mechanical Engineering class

Wide-ranging research

Our research expertise includes: 

  1. Biomechanics including the design and development of health and sports equipment, along with the study of forces and their effect on living things 
  2. Structural damage accumulation, fracture failure phenomena, and mechanical behaviour of engineering materials 
  3. Software and technology to drive next-generation autonomous devices and systems 
  4. Control of sound and vibrations, including through automated control systems 
  5. Heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, combustion, and renewable technologies 

Our research 

Dr Rey Chin

Discipline lead

Dr Rey Chin

Tel: +61 8313 5471