Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Through our research excellence in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, we are at the forefront of technological change. We equip students for diverse, global careers in this field to positively impact nearly every aspect of modern life. 

Within the Electrical and Electronic Engineering discipline, we are experts in applied physical sciences, technology, and information systems. We are committed to solving real-world problems through fundamental and applied research. 

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Wide-ranging research

We have wide-spanning research expertise in the following areas: 

  1. Materials, devices, nanoscale, and quantum engineering systems for generating, manipulating, and detecting electronic, photonic, and electromagnetic signals 
  2. Sensor information processing, communication systems, control systems, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence 
  3. Implantable devices, digital systems, applied machine learning, the design of computer technology and the interaction between humans and computers 
  4. Power systems, power electronics, electric machines, and renewable technologies for sustainability 

Our research 


Discipline lead

Associate Professor Brian Ng

Tel: +61 88313 5054