Shipbuilding Hub for Integrated Engineering and Local Design

“SHIELD” is an Australian sovereign capability in Naval Engineering, aiming to provide leading learning, development, and research to the Australian Defence Shipbuilding and Sustainment Enterprise.

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SHIELD focuses on pioneering and innovative research and educational methods. It aims to adapt to global shifts in ecosystems worldwide to maintain Australia’s leading position in Naval and Defence technology – supporting the Australian Defence sovereign capability.

  • SHIELD courses and unique offering

    SHIELD works closely with key maritime and defence stakeholders to strengthen industry relationships and bridge the academia-industry divide. Our experienced team excels in connecting industry, academia, and Defence, leveraging our research and teaching to deliver impactful outcomes in a rapidly changing and complex environment.

    University of Adelaide courses

    Through the University of Adelaide, SHIELD offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Defence and Maritime Engineering. We offer a wide range of courses including (but not limited to):

    Our comprehensive courses are led by distinguished university academics and industry lecturers from world-leading organisations including ASC and SAAB.

    We also deliver other short courses or tailored subjects to meet academic requirements such as Shipbuilding Programs for Industry and Defence Managers.

    What makes SHIELD unique is the Defence contextualisation our educators bring to these courses thanks to their breadth of industry experience in Defence and Naval programs – from early concept design to shipbuilding and testing, to activation, especially in submarines and inclusive of research and development.

    Interested in learning more about our courses?

    For more information on the courses listed or for a more detailed discussion on opportunities in maritime and defence qualifications, please contact:

  • Research opportunities

    We supervise and lead a vast array of engineering or academic research projects, including PhDs with industry. Example student projects include (but are not limited to):

    Below are just a few examples of student projects. 

    • UUV design for Navy Wargames
    • Swarm UUV for low cost, high impact defence see lanes and coastal areas
    • ARES Digital Twin project
    • MATLAB / Simulink models validation

    We also welcome multi-disciplinary project opportunities to collaborate across university faculties.

    Project Harmonia: A Digital Twin of UUV


    Project Cuttlefish: Cuttlefish Inspired Underwater Vehicle

  • CareerSpark information hub

    CareerSpark, a partnership between TAFE SA and SHIELD, presents career information to students and job seekers in an interactive and engaging way.

    This portal includes information on jobs, educational options and potential employers in an immersive metaverse within four main industries:

    • Shipbuilding
    • Renewable and Green Energy
    • Cybersecurity and Big Data
    • Aerospace and Space
Higher degree by research opportunities

Further enquiries

To find out more about SHIELD, our courses and research opportunities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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