Thermofluids is a key branch of science and engineering. Our research focuses on heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and combustion.

Gyrotherm burner

Gyrotherm burner invented by the thermal-fluids team and developed in partnership with FCT-combustion. This achieve a 40-60% reduction in NOx emissions from rotary kilns and have been in ongoing commercial use since 1995.

Our Thermofluids researchers specialise in a range of areas, including:

  • power generation and transformation
  • renewable energy sources
  • internal combustion engines
  • jet engines and aerospace propulsion
  • industrial flames and furnaces
  • building energy management and efficiency.

We also have a keen interest in:

  • atmospheric flow and microclimates
  • bio-fluid dynamics and hemodynamics
  • boundary layer, pipe and channel flows and turbulence
  • laser diagnostics
  • wind engineering
  • water systems and desalination
  • multi-phase flow
  • computational fluid dynamics
  • aeroacoustics
  • aircraft aerodynamics
  • experimental techniques and instrumentation
  • ship and submarine hydrodynamics
  • jets and wakes.

Our thermofluids research has direct relevance and benefit to industries including: aerospace, automotive, maritime, defence, energy, sports engineering and manufacturing.

Higher degree by research opportunities

Higher degree by research opportunities

Be involved in engineering discovery, invention, and cutting-edge research through a higher degree by research. Join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy programs. 

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