Robotics and Automation

Our research comprises two distinct lines of enquiry. These are: structural integrity evaluations; and advanced materials development.

Robotical arm in work

Our research is particularly focused on motion control, autonomy and multi-robot collaboration.

Within these areas, our diverse research interests include:

  • robot kinematics
  • nano-positioners
  • exoskeletons
  • calibration
  • bio-inspiration
  • driverless ground, aerial and underwater vehicles
  • feature recognition
  • control systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • mechatronics
  • signal processing
  • system identification.

Our robotics and automation research has the potential to benefit many areas of society. Some industries for which it is especially relevant include defence, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, utilities, mining, construction, search and rescue and environmental monitoring.  

Higher degree by research opportunities

Higher degree by research opportunities

Be involved in engineering discovery, invention, and cutting-edge research through a higher degree by research. Join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy programs. 

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