Our research

The School of Mechanical Engineering’s world-leading, highly influential research is nationally recognised, with an Excellence in Research for Australia ranking of 5—well above world standard.

Mechanical engineering research

Our innovations have had numerous real-world impacts—from developing the fuel and combustion system used in the Sydney Olympic Torch, to designing low-drag helmets, wheels, frames and clothing to improve elite cyclists’ performance.

We offer two postgraduate research degrees: Master of PhilosophyDoctor of Philosophy

By studying a research degree with the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials, you can undertake a research project in an area of interest. In either degree you’ll be supported by one of our research supervisors.

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Our research capabilities

We undertake both 'blue sky' and applied research and have considerable experience in key areas of mechanical engineering. Our researchers provide consulting and commercial testing services to local and international companies and government agencies.

Our school is advancing research across the following areas:

Acoustics vibration and control

Our Acoustics Vibration and Control research group is focused on the management of sound and vibrations, including through automated control systems.

Acoustics Vibration and Control

Mechanics of materials and advanced manufacturing

Researchers from our Mechanics of Materials and Advanced Manufacturing group are working to improve understanding of structural damage accumulation and fracture failure phenomena, and investigate cutting-edge engineering materials’ mechanical behaviour.

Mechanics of Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

Robotics and automation

Research in robotics and automation involves developing and applying innovative software and technology to drive new-generation autonomous machines, and automate industrial and scientific processes.

Robotics and Automation

Sports engineering and biomechanics

Sports engineering and biomechanics relates to the design and development of sports equipment, along with the study of forces and their effect on living things.

Sports Engineering and Biomechanics


A key field in science and engineering, thermofluids focuses on heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and combustion.