Student Testimonials for Landscape Architecture

We equip students with the interdisciplinary skills and the knowledge to address real-world challenges such as climate change. 

Hear from our graduates who are already making a difference in the architecture and landscape architecture industry. 

Jackie Gu

Zhuocheng (Jackie) Gu
Landscape Architect, T.C.L
Master of Landscape Architecture and Valedictorian 2023

“I’m already using the knowledge I gained at the University of Adelaide to shape the city – to make it more beautiful and liveable. The program opened my eyes to the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches in design. I was able to explore the power of design in unique and personal ways.  

One unforgettable experience involved landscape architecture for the regional town of Port Augusta. The town is undergoing a remarkable transformation due to solar energy and decarbonisation. During our final year we visited the town and its arid botanic garden, immersing ourselves in indigenous plantings, sampling the local flavours of quandong and saltbush, and we travelled through the Flinders Ranges. We stood in the middle of a solar farm, marvelling at the vast arrays of solar panels. We listened to local government, and the local community to better understand their vision for the town and its economy. We also witnessed the immense post-industrial wasteland left behind by the coal industry. These environmental challenges are something Australia shares with the world and it provided me with big picture thinking.  

I’ve now joined the award-winning landscape design practice – T.C.L – where I continue work on constructing a better Adelaide through not just public realm projects such as the new Women and Children’s Hospital and Rymill Park, but also private developments such as six-star luxury hotel in the iconic wine region. I collaborate with other professionals like civil, structural, electrical engineers, and city council members to improve life in Adelaide. Graduation isn't the end; it’s a new beginning. What I learnt at the university goes beyond programs, software, and skills – it provided me with the ability to learn, to think critically and creatively. With the knowledge I’ve gained, I can ensure my work is socially and sustainability conscious to help preserve our planet for generations to come.” 

Linfeng Huang

Linfeng Huang
Landscape Architect, Outerspace Studios
Master of Landscape Architecture

“I have always loved art and nature and I wanted to hone these skills to positively impact society. I chose to study at the University of Adelaide for its high-calibre course, accredited by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). I have not been disappointed. The course was an excellent opportunity to broaden my design horizons through hands-on, real-life projects like the beautification of a local railway station. My final year design project allowed me to take a giant leap forward in professional skills and unearthed a direction of further study within water-sensitive urban design and green infrastructure research. In the future I hope to make cities more resilient to climate change and am currently enjoying working on a project to build a better community environment in Mount Gambier.”  

Spencer Caon

Spencer Caon 
Landscape Architect, Swanbury Penglase Architects
Master of Planning (Urban Design) with Master of Landscape Architecture

“Work experience at the local planning department led me to study at the University of Adelaide and I have never looked back. I love witnessing areas of Adelaide’s CBD spring to life in a hive of activity for community events. My studies helped me find my passion within urban design and landscape architecture, where my ambition is to create public spaces which can be enjoyed by all members of the public regardless of race, religion, ability, or socio-economic status. Throughout my studies, my final year urban design studio and my final landscape studio were the most rewarding experiences, where I learnt how landscape can work in harmony with other built environment disciplines."

Mia Thorpe

Miah Thorpe
Landscape Architect, T.C.L
Master of Architecture with Master of Landscape Architecture

“I previously worked in horticulture in the primary production industry as an almond grower – a period grounded in pride for land. This led to my dedication to improve our approach to land use through holistic and bioclimatic responses. Studying at the University of Adelaide has complemented this drive for reconciliation through landscape by increasing my understanding of things like water rights and sustainable food production. Overall, my degree has created opportunities to produce meaningful connections with others – people, places, histories, future histories – and this is extremely rewarding and satisfying.”