Construction Management

An increase in construction management projects is boosting the world’s economy and technological advancements are creating exciting opportunities. As world-class academics and researchers, we are developing innovative digital engineering, modelling and automation techniques – changing what is possible. With our vast experience and ties to industry, we are training graduates to do the same.  

A comprehensive understanding of property, property development and investment, is critical to the creation of the built environment. The industry is evolving. Projects are even more substantial and complex. Now professionals must work with peers from other disciplines and backgrounds. Their roles cover new areas such as advanced technologies. They must give presentations and demonstrate leadership qualities. We offer an interdisciplinary program underpinned by ground-breaking research and profound industry insights to address such industry changes.  

Construction Management


Our renowned research focuses on sustainable and smart construction to address pressing issues in various lifecycle stages of building and infrastructure projects.  

We work to gain a better understanding of the drivers and the mechanisms of achieving sustainable and smart construction in Australia and overseas.  

Our research

  • Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

    Our broad-based study programs in construction management cover a plethora of core topics including emerging technologies to produce highly sought-after graduates. The world is becoming more and more urbanised. Investments in land, infrastructure, offices, housing, retail and recreation facilities are increasing across the globe. Property developers work to get the best results for all involved. They ensure developments are safe, productive, sustainable, high-quality and profitable. 


    Our Bachelor of Construction Management covers a wide range of essential aspects for the management of construction projects such as scheduling, economics, sustainability, law and regulations, construction materials, building methods, land surveying, and safety. Students will learn these essential skills for the delivery of construction projects. A large focus is placed on the digital construction (software) which is put into practice through real-life projects. 


    Our Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) offers opportunities to showcase and broaden skills via capstone construction design and research projects. 


    Recognised by the Australian Institute of Building and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our Master of Construction Management takes a holistic approach to construction management to address growing demand for complex building and infrastructure projects to be delivered on time – within budget, and to a high standard.  

    Students develop advanced technology and management skills, apply lifecycle and system thinking approaches, learn relevant software and draw on business and project management expertise from our leaders in the field. This degree provides the opportunity to work with world-class researchers on a preferred topic in a stimulating and inspiring cross-discipline environment.  

    The Master of Propertyaccredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), allows students to pursue courses in finance, project management, law, development and construction. There is a possibility to travel overseas for a course on ‘International Property’, and students complete a real-life project, supervised by industry experts.  

  • Collaborations

    Within the construction management discipline, we are involved in a wide variety of interdisciplinary projects. We collaborate closely with both industry and other subject matter experts in areas such as computer science, public health and civil engineering.  

    These take on variety of forms including Honours and PhD projects, industry commissioned projects as well as competitive grants such as Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects and ARC Discovery Projects

    Recent or current projects involving collaborations include: 

    • Re-considering sustainable building and design: a cultural change approach (ARC LP)  
    • Alternative vineyard posts considering functionality, environmental performance, safety performance and costing (Commonwealth funding) 
    • Responding to the pandemic – can building homes rebuild Australia? (AHURI) 
    • Housing construction technologies and policies: implications to cost and user experience (AHURI) 
    • Lifecycle assessment of recycled construction products (funded by industry) 
    • Automated progress tracking and reporting in construction projects (funded by industry) 
    • All-in-one environmental performance monitoring system on construction sites (funded by industry) 
    • Emerging construction waste in prefabrication construction (funded by industry) 
    • Converting plastics waste in construction applications and associated environmental performance (PhD project) 
    • Forecasting the generation of solar PV waste and its associated environmental impacts, and corresponding measures (PhD project) 
    • The collaboration mechanism and evolution mode of the waste reduction system in the construction industry (international competitive funding) 
    • Co-evolution and dynamic capabilities growth models of the international contracting business in the complex environment (international competitive funding) 
    • Driving forces for air pollutants based on regional inter-industry linkage (international competitive funding) 
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  • HDR opportunities

    Be involved in construction management discovery, innovation, and cutting-edge research through a higher degree by research. Join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy programs. 

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Professor Jian Zuo

Discipline lead and postgraduate coordinator

Professor Jian Zuo

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