Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction research addresses pressing sustainability-related issues in various life cycle stages of building and infrastructure projects.

Sustainable construction

The Australian and international construction activities have significant impacts on the society, environment, and economy. The scope of sustainable construction has been extended from the construction stage to other life cycle stages. Meanwhile, sustainability performance is associated with other factors to be considered in building and infrastructure projects, such as wellbeing of tenants, the safety of site personnel, and use of advanced technologies.

Our research

Researchers in this area are working on gaining a better understanding of the drivers and the mechanism of achieving sustainable construction in Australia and overseas. Areas of research include:

  • Resource efficiency and Construction & Demolition Waste management.
  • Green building rating tools and development.
  • Dynamic interaction between sustainability and other factors (e.g. health and safety) in building and infrastructure projects.
  • Sustainable/low carbon cities.
  • Sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Stakeholder engagement in the sustainable built environment.
  • Risk management in low carbon developments.
  • Sustainability disclosure.
  • Social acceptance of technological innovations.

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