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The School of Architecture and Civil Engineering is where human-centred, sustainable futures are designed and research that delivers societal and commercial benefits are engineered.  

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Our research excellence has defined our history and continues to shape our future. We strive to build an ever-stronger nexus between our research and local economic needs, leveraging creativity and technical knowledge to create abundant economic opportunities. We continually enhance the link between research and education to help shape a new generation of architects and engineers who can translate their knowledge into benefits for all. 

  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture

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    Our architecture and landscape architecture research covers the following areas: 

    1. culture and creativity 
    2. sustainability

    Architecture and landscape architecture research 

  • Civil Engineering

    Our Civil Engineering research focuses on three areas: 

    Structural engineering and materials  

    We produce research on structural materials, mechanics, analysis and design of engineering structural systems. We are global leaders in specialised structures such as Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) retrofitted, earthquake and lightweight composite structures. We study the behaviour of structures under load, the development of new construction materials and methods, and the use of advanced modelling and simulation techniques. We collaborate closely with industry and advise the government on Australian standards for structural engineering. Our computational mechanics team works on the development and applications of both discrete and continuum approaches (mesh-based and mesh-free), their algorithms and material models across the scales to tackle challenging problems in engineering. 

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    Geotechnical engineering  

    Our Geoengineering research group is engaged in design of infrastructure projects with key industry partners. The group’s in-depth research centres around the behaviour of soil and rock, the use of advanced numerical modelling techniques, and the development of new foundation and slope stabilisation methods. 

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    Water engineering  

    Our forward-thinking research group supports the sustainable planning, design, operation and management of Australia’s water infrastructure and natural resources. We are internationally recognised experts and leaders in Australia in relation to water infrastructure and natural resources management technologies including flood control. We are a trusted industry partner and policy advisor at national, state, and local levels.   

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  • Construction Management

    Areas of research within the Construction Management discipline include: 

    • Resource efficiency; construction and demolition waste management 
    • Green building rating tools and development 
    • Dynamic interaction between sustainability and other factors in building and infrastructure projects 
    • Sustainable/low carbon cities 
    • Sustainability and competitiveness 
    • Stakeholder engagement in the sustainable built environment 
    • Risk management in low carbon developments 
    • Sustainability disclosure 
    • Social acceptance of technological innovations 
    • Circular economy in construction 
    • Smart construction e.g., automated progress checking, Internet of Things sensors, the use of blockchain 
    • Environmental excellence on construction sites 
    • Renewable energy incorporated into the built environment 
    • Lifecycle assessment of the built environment 

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  • Environmental Engineering

    We are world-leading experts in managing complex systems, understanding the impacts of climate extremes, managing water and other critical resources. We are engaged in thought-provoking projects involving urban water, integrated river management, environmental protection, embedding the circular economy and ‘end-of-life’ into infrastructure planning and design.  

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HDR opportunities

Higher degree by research opportunities

Whether you intend to work in research or industry, studying a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can give you a competitive edge throughout your career. Be involved in ground-breaking research in the design, construction, and management of the natural and built environment. 

HDR opportunities