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With combined world-leading expertise in Computer and Mathematical Sciences, we collaborate with industry to solve a plethora of societal challenges.

From issues requiring deep mathematical analysis and modelling, through to data science, optimisation, AI and machine learning to technology-enabled education, we can assist partners. We have a successful track record of partnerships with SMEs, industry giants and government. 

Collaboration models

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Postgraduate student projects

Short-term consultancy projects

Short-term consultancy projects 

Digital education for teachers

Digital education for teachers

We offer free online courses, professional learning events and a National Lending Library for primary and secondary school teachers, to assist with teaching digital technologies to school students. 

Industry testimonials

  • Undergraduate internships

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    Alice Miller and Eduard Munsayac, studying Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences, (Advanced), completed 12-week internships with SA Power Networks during summer 2021/22, as part of the undergraduate internship course. They rotated between the Data Analytics, Future Network Delivery and Network Investment Planning teams, working on different projects with each.

    Alice Miller commented: “The opportunity to undertake a summer internship with SA Power Networks was incredibly valuable toward both my professional and academic skill development. I was able to work with diverse teams and on a variety of projects, where I analysed data contributing to the electricity distribution network planning, as well as internal transition to electric vehicles. I’ve learnt a lot about effective communication, working within a corporate setting, and the applications of mathematics and statistics to real datasets. I highly recommend the internship process to any student given the opportunity.” 

    “I highly recommend getting your first step into the industry through an internship experience to discover what your field has in store for you. My exposure to innovative technologies further inspired my studies and solidified my long-term career goals.” Eduard Munsayac stated.

    Harley Cole-Puls, SA Power Networks, Data Analytics, said: “The Maths interns brought some great energy and diversity to the team at SA Power Networks. Not only have they brought a fresh approach to solving some of our intractable problems, but they have been extremely eager to learn and given us a great early look at some of the emerging talent about to appear in the graduate market. The majority of interns have continued on working with us in various capacities – with a recent intern even passing the rigorous graduate process and joining SA Power Networks full time. We are increasingly seeing the intern program as a key plank of our talent sourcing programs.”

    Mandy Rusby, SA Power Networks, Network Innovations, explained: “Being given the opportunity to host a maths student from the University of Adelaide has been very successful for our team at SA Power Networks. We were able to utilise both her maths skills in building models and analysing data with her passion for environmental management and development of graphical representations for our internal business. Our Maths student worked closely with our electrical engineers working on new opportunities our business faces with the transition to distributed energy resources and the increased uptake of electric vehicles.”

  • Postgraduate internships

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    Adam Hamilton conducted a 6-month internship at software company Consunet during his PhD, under the APR Intern scheme. He worked on a 3D geolocation project using constrained optimisation techniques. The project was supported by an academic supervisor at the University of Adelaide.

    “Through my internship at Consunet I was able to learn how mathematics is applied in industry in an interesting and hands-on manner. I was able to learn from experienced scientists and engineers by working as part of a team.”Adam Hamilton commented.

    Don Gossink, Chief Scientist, Consunet said: “Adam’s internship had a bidirectional benefit for Consunet and Adam. Adam benefitted from gaining experience in the workforce and the real world not conforming to closed form expressions. Consunet benefited by having Adam bring a variety of techniques to bear on the problem and approach it from new directions with theoretical insights and practical examinations.”

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