Our world-class research informs every area of modern science and enterprise – from understanding epidemics and sea-ice dynamics, to big data and abstract mathematical theory.

Within the discipline of Computer Science, we have a particular focus on computer vision, distributed and high-performance computing, machine learning, evolutionary systems, computer science education, formal methods and software architectures, data science and optimisation. Through extensive collaboration with industry over many years we have established a reputation as a leading academic partner.  

Our expertise in Mathematical Sciences spans theoretical research in geometry, queuing theory, and complex systems theory and applied research in data science, statistics, stochastic modelling and operations research, modelling and optimisation. In partnership with the Teletraffic Research Centre we deliver solutions to complex practical problems.  

Attracting considerable research funding from the Australian Research Council and industry, our school is advancing research in the following areas: 

Computer vision and robotics

We focus on automating processes through enabling computer processing of visual information. 

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence

We develop and apply methods that enable machines to self-learn—replicating human intelligence.

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Distributed and intelligent technologies

We build large and complex distributed computer systems, serving a wide range of functions in society. 

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Internet of things and computer society

We explore important issues like ownership, access and protection relating to the collection and use of online data. 

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Learning analytics and learning technologies

We investigate how technology can be harnessed to make learning environments more engaging. 

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Optimisation and logistics

We apply specialised computing techniques to solve complex and restrained process-optimisation problems and enhance efficiencies. 

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Software engineering

We use computer science and engineering principles to develop and maintain high-quality software. 

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Dynamics modelling and computation

Our research in dynamics, modelling and computation involves mathematically modelling problems in biology, chemistry, ecology, geophysics, materials science and many other areas of science and engineering. 

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Pure mathematics

Our pure mathematics research involves the study of fundamental mathematical structures to increase our understanding of mathematics itself, and its role in science and technology. 

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Our research in statistics involves collecting, modelling and analysing data to draw conclusions, inform decision-making, solve problems and direct business development. 

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Stochastic modelling and operations research

Our stochastic modelling and operations research involves using mathematics to understand, and make decisions in, systems that involve randomness and/or uncertainty. 

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Higher degree by research opportunities

Whether you intend to work in research or industry, a higher degree by research can give you a competitive edge throughout your career.

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