Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering research group utilises computer science and engineering principles to develop and maintain high-quality software. 

Software and Engineering

Software-intensive products and services are required by a range of industries, including: 

  • defence 
  • health care 
  • minerals and energy 
  • robotics 
  • local government 

We are predominantly focused on developing and evaluating: 

  • tools that support software-intensive systems’ design, analysis and evolution 
  • data analytics systems that uncover new information from large-scale software repositories 

Through our research, we seek to enhance human and technological competencies in relation to designing, analysing, and evolving high-quality software-intensive systems. 

We aim to find new ways to uncover knowledge hidden in software repositories and design software that better meets both functional and non-functional requirements, such as security. 

  • Research impact

    Our group’s research and development has a variety of real-world applications.  

    This includes helping industry partners to: 

    • leverage virtualised, Internet of Things (IoT) and ‘big data’ technologies to design and evaluate secure, ‘softwarised’ infrastructure and services 
    • navigate large amounts of textual and quantitative data 
  • Lead researchers

    Research team Expertise
    Professor Muhammad Ali Babar  Software engineering; Cybersecurity 
  • Consulting services

    We advise on, and lead, projects relating to: 

    • software-engineering research projects 
    • custom software technology development and evaluation 
    • modern software development processes and tool support 

Higher degree by research opportunities

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