Dynamics Modelling and Computation

Dynamics, Modelling and Computation research involves mathematically modelling problems in biology, chemistry, ecology, geophysics, materials science and many other areas of science and engineering.

blue green shape that looks like snowflake

Mathematical model of a microbial colony. The direction of cell growth depends on the nutrient level, with lighter cells having greater directional bias.

Based within the School of Mathematical Sciences, our Dynamics, Modelling and Computation research group provides valuable insights and accurate predictions that advance industry and empower researchers in numerous disciplines.

We are particularly focused on real-world industrial, scientific and engineering problems. Our expertise includes: 

  • developing models using differential equations
  • classical mechanics, and particularly in fluid dynamics
  • applying and developing solution methods, ranging from analytical (e.g. based on asymptotic theories) to numerical (e.g. computational fluid dynamics).

Higher Degrees by Research

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Higher Degrees by Research