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Maths is the 'language of the universe'. It forms the foundation of engineering, computing, science and technological advancement.

Our undergraduate, postgraduate and research mathematical sciences degrees will equip you to solve complex real-world problems in health, technology, commerce, science, law and many other fields.

The school has a long history of achievement in research and postgraduate education, and a reputation for providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment. Our highly sought-after graduates find rewarding careers in a diverse range of areas.


Our undergraduate degrees offer you high-level mathematical and statistical training for careers with a variety of technology-led industries. We also offer an advanced degree for high-achievers.

Undergraduate degrees


Expand your mathematical sciences knowledge and research skills through our coursework master degree. It allows you to specialise in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Statistics.

Postgraduate degrees


Whether you see your future in research or industry, undertaking a higher degree by research—with a focus on mathematical sciences—offers deep additional insight and a competitive career edge.

Higher Degrees by Research

Entry pathways

Haven’t completed Year 12? Taken a gap year? Lacking formal qualifications, or looking to return to study after having a break? Don’t worry—we have a pathway for you.

Entry pathways

Bridging courses

If you are lacking high school mathematics prerequisites, or after a mathematics refresher course, MathTrackX, our 6 course XSeries Program course, is for you. MathTrackX will be accepted as a prerequisite in place of SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods at the University of Adelaide.


Why study mathematics?

Mathematics is an exciting and challenging field with a huge variety of subject areas. Its application to real-life problems has a significant impact on our lives.

Mathematical modelling is used to glean knowledge about ecosystems and evolutionary biology; and allows us to predict all kinds of things, from the weather to human behaviour. It’s also an essential component of statistics—a discipline area used to analyse and manage almost every aspect of society. In medical research, for example, statistical analysis is used as a means of determining drug policies and public health directives.

Studying mathematics will help you develop a wide range of skills. This includes:

  • logical processes
  • optimisation
  • modelling real-world systems
  • understanding systems and behaviours
  • advanced concepts to decide which areas mathematics can be successfully applied to.

You will also be able to make better economic and political decisions. This mix of capabilities is highly valued by employers in fields such as finance, IT, scientific research, policy, resource allocation and logistics, ensuring you’ll have a huge range of career options.

Maths Learning Centre

The University of Adelaide's Maths Learning Centre can help you develop your maths skills through seminars, workshops and one-on-one tutoring.

Maths Learning Centre

Will you be joining us from overseas?

If you are an international student and considering studying mathematical sciences with us, find out more about study options, entry requirements, how to apply and life in Adelaide, South Australia.

International Students


The University offers scholarships to undergraduate and postgraduate students.