Our Expertise

The Teletraffic Research Centre is uniquely placed to provide the innovative analysis needed to understand networked systems’ behaviour, predict performance, measure outcomes and create improvement.

We have specialist expertise in Communications Engineering, Complex System Analysis and Data Analytics.

Communication Engineering

We design and improve state-of-the-art telecommunications systems, such as mobile ad-hoc networks, through traffic and other performance analyses.

Communications engineering

Complex System Analysis

We model and analyse real-life complex systems, with multiple interacting components, such as maritime combat systems, social networks and financial markets.

Complex system analysis

Data Analytics

We analyse real-world data—‘big’ and ‘small’—to gain insights and drive performance improvement. Our work benefits data-driven industries, including everything from telecommunications to utilities and healthcare.

Data analytics

Higher Degrees by Research

Whether you intend to work in research or industry, a higher degree by research can give you a competitive edge throughout your career. Find out more about studying a Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy.

Higher Degrees by Research