Data Analytics

The Teletraffic Research Centre (TRC) has specialist expertise in data analytics and operates at the intersection of mathematics, statistics and information technology. 

Data Analytics

We analyse real-world data—‘big’ and ‘small’—to gain insights and drive performance improvements. We specialise in:

  • predicting future outcomes from historical data using machine learning
  • testing alternative business scenarios and A/B comparisons using statistical methods
  • building system and network models to optimise performance
  • supporting decision-making by generating data visualisations to reveal patterns, structures and trends.

Our work is of direct and immediate benefit to all data-driven industries, including everything from telecommunications to utilities and healthcare. It has had significant impact in both the private and public sectors. Some notable examples include our models being used to:

  • quantify and improve time-critical service delivery in the utilities industry
  • improve capital and operational expenditure in telecommunications infrastructure projects
  • assess alternative business decisions market impacts in the aviation industry
  • assess performance improvement over time in government health services delivery.

Consulting services

We advise on, and lead, projects relating to:

  • end-to-end product development and operational deployment
  • targeted statistical consulting
  • mathematical and statistical model agile prototyping
  • fast iteration using the scientific method
  • custom web application development for real-time data analytics in production environments.


We collaborate with various industry organisations, including: