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The Teletraffic Research Centre and SA Power Networks have collaborated on a variety of data analytics, statistics and machine learning projects since 2014. We have co-presented some of the results and outcomes of this work at state and national energy fora.

Principal project: we worked with SAPN to build a to build a live analytics platform to provide visualisation and statistical insights into field operations. We used historical data to build a “digital twin” of supply restoration operations, which enables SAPN to investigate the benefits and impacts of alternative crew resourcing decisions under a range of different network conditions.

The platform provides historical analysis as well as “what-if” forecasting capabilities and incorporates cutting-edge machine learning methods for predicting workloads based on weather patterns and forecasts. In the first phase of this project, the platform was initially delivered as a limited proof of concept on a static data set. Over the course of our research collaboration, we have migrated the platform into SAPN systems and “hooked it up” to live data with automation to produce real-time analysis and predictions.