About Our School

The School of Biological Sciences has a dedicated team of academic, research and professional staff, all strongly committed to enhancing our students’ learning experience and collaborating with our external partners.

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Collection of insects and skeletons, Braggs building

    The department educates students and conducts research on the fascinating natural world. We explore how plants and animals evolved, and the range of features they have to cope with current and future climate.

    Our staff and students have a strong focus on wildlife conservation and the restoration of arid, marine and freshwater ecosystems. We use state of the art techniques ranging from the latest molecular tools to drone and satellite technology.

    Our graduates are in demand in a wide range of areas including:

    • Conservation of flora and fauna
    • Environmental management and restoration
    • Natural resource monitoring and GIS analysis


    Department of Molecular & Biomedical Science

    Biomedical science, Braggs building

    With a focus on biology from a molecular and cellular point of view, the department is composed of the traditional disciplines of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology. The interface between these groups provides a vibrant culture for the education of the next generation of researchers in biomedical science, bioinformatics and biotechnology.

    Key areas of research include:

    • Pathogenesis and infectious disease
    • Synthetic biology and biotechnology
    • Genomics and metabolic disease