Molecular and Biomedical Science

With a focus on biology from a molecular and cellular point of view, the molecular and biomedical science discipline is composed of the traditional disciplines of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology.

The interface between these groups provides a vibrant culture for the education of the next generation of researchers in biomedical science, bioinformatics and biotechnology.

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Key areas of research include: 

  • Infectious disease, pathogenesis and vaccines 
  • Synthetic biology and biotechnology 
  • Genomics and metabolic disease 
  • Bioinformatics and cell biology 

Our research

  • Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

    Undergraduate degrees

    Our degree programs in biomedical science and biotechnology take a deep dive into the cell to solve complex genetic problems, explore how biological processes function at a molecular level in major disease states, and define the molecular basis of infectious disease. This will inform development of cures for major diseases and guide vaccine development. 

    We offer an array of exciting, industry-relevant majors designed to enhance knowledge and practical skills: 


    Molecular and Biomedical Science Honours is a fourth, practical year of study in which students gain additional knowledge and practical skills through leading their own research project in cellular and molecular biology or bioinformatics. Students will gain skills in various forms of science communication and learn how to formulate grant applications. This prepares them for advanced steps in a research career and heightens their suitability for related employment.

    Postgraduate degrees

    We offer a range of postgraduate study options – Diplomas and Masters – to hone problem-solving skills and gain additional knowledge to make a real impact within molecular and biomedical science.  

  • Higher Degree by Research (HDR) opportunities

    Be involved in biological sciences discovery, invention, and cutting-edge research through a higher degree by research. Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy programs.  

    HDR opportunities

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Professor Michael Beard

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