HDR Opportunities

Whether you are interested in field work, diving research, running laboratory experiments, or don’t want to get your hands wet at all, undertaking a higher degree by research (HDR) caters for all student preferences. 

A research degree can help advance your career, change direction or improve your employment prospects by elevating your qualifications, enhancing your skills and building your knowledge base. 

Why study HDR?

At the University of Adelaide, we offer PhD and Masters-level research degrees in every discipline, including collaborative and highly industry-driven doctorates.

In the School of Biological Sciences our HDR students also run a vibrant postgraduate association - SoBSPA

Finding a supervisor

Contact the School of Biological Sciences for our current catalogue of higher degree by research projects.   

Decided on a research project? An academic will need to assess your eligibility. Be aware that every researcher has a limited capacity to supervise students and securing a position in some research groups can be very competitive.   

Send the following to your potential supervisor or to one of our postgraduate coordinators for an initial assessment:   

Once you have emailed the above to your potential supervisor, you can apply for admission and scholarships through the Adelaide Graduate Research School and Admissions and scholarship applications.  

Please provide evidence of your academic achievements and, most importantly, details and evidence of any previous research training and experience, including any publications.   

How to apply


The University of Adelaide’s scholarships for research degrees are available to international and domestic students through the Adelaide Graduate Research School.  

Increase your chances of gaining a scholarship by having an established list of published research papers in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals.   

Please contact research.scholarships@adelaide.edu.au for more information.