Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

We conduct world-class ecology and evolutionary biology research and educate students on the fascinating natural world. We explore the range of life-histories and ecological adaptations plants and animals have to cope with current and future environmental change. 

Our researchers, educators and students have a strong focus on wildlife conservation and the restoration of arid, marine and freshwater ecosystems. We use state-of-the-art techniques - ranging from the latest molecular tools and mathematical modelling to drone and satellite technology. 

Spectrometer field work. Images courtesy Megan Lewis


Key areas of research include: 

  • Wildlife conservation  
  • Marine biology  
  • Spatial sciences  
  • Evolutionary biology  

Our research

  • Extensive undergraduate and postgraduate teaching

    Undergraduate degrees

    Our world leading study options equip students for a rewarding career in ecology and evolutionary biology.  

    Explore the world at a micro or macro level through a broad range of degrees in Biology and pursue a career solving questions about living organisms and how they interact with the world around us. 

    Find new approaches to global environmental problems and delve into the structure of ecosystems - and our place within them - with a range of degrees in Environmental Science. 

    We offer an array of exciting, industry-relevant majors designed to enhance knowledge and practical skills: 


    Honours in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is a fourth, practical year of study in which students gain additional knowledge and practical skills through leading their own research project in the fields of Ecology, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology, and Palaeontology. Projects can be field, laboratory, computational, or a combination. This course fosters an understanding of the natural world, and the biotic and abiotic processes involved in the complex interactions of organisms. Students will gain the practical skills and knowledge to tackle ecological, evolutionary, and environmental issues, and skills for effective science communication.

    Postgraduate degrees

    We offer a range of postgraduate study options – Diplomas and Masters – to hone problem-solving skills and gain additional knowledge to make a real impact within ecology and evolutionary biology.  

  • Higher Degree by Research (HDR) opportunities

    Be involved in biological sciences discovery, invention, and cutting-edge research through a higher degree by research. Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and join our Master of Philosophy or Doctor of Philosophy programs.  

    HDR opportunities