Combatting Wildlife and Environmental Crime

From illegal wildlife trafficking to the unlawful harvesting of natural resources and industrial pollution, our experts are leading the charge to protect Australia’s ecological balance. 

Combatting wildlife crime and preventing environmental harm

At the University of Adelaide's Environment Institute, we're tackling the pervasive issue of wildlife and environmental crime (WEC) head-on.

Our multidisciplinary approach combines cutting-edge research, innovative technology development, and policy evaluation to address the complex challenges posed by WEC.  

By collaborating with government agencies, civil society, and academic partners, we're working to develop practical solutions that safeguard Australia's natural heritage and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. 

  • About us

    Explore our pioneering research hub at the University of Adelaide where expertise in environmental biosecurity, wildlife trade, remote sensing and cyber-crime converge to tackle the pervasive issue of wildlife and environmental crime. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with national and international partners across academia, industry, and government to forge innovative solutions for a sustainable and secure future. 

  • Our partners

    In 2023, Professor Phill Cassey secured $3.8M of funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) to support his leadership and the launch of the Wildlife and Environmental Crime Hub at the University of Adelaide. This industry fellowship aims to build on current practice in this space, developing new digital and wildlife forensic tools and rolling out crucial surveillance and detection strategies for illegal wildlife and environmental activities.  

    Our current industry partners include: the Australian Museum, Department for Environment and Water, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Department for Environment, Science and Innovation and the Queensland Police Service

    Major collaborators and affiliated organisations 

    We are proud to have successful continued collaborations with government, research organisations and industry. 

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  • Lead researchers

    We are a multidisciplinary team of researchers with a wide variety of interests in the wildlife crime and biosecurity space. The Wildlife and Environmental Crime Research Hub is an interdisciplinary team of experts driving impactful solutions to environmental challenges. With internationally recognised strengths in environmental biosecurity, wildlife trade, forestry and fisheries crime prevention, remote sensing, wildlife forensics, cyber-crime and natural resources law, we are dedicated to safeguarding our planet's ecosystems through cutting-edge research and collaboration. 

    Find out more about our researchers here

    Professor Phill Cassey

    Professor Phill Cassey

    Professor Phill Cassey is a distinguished conservation biologist with over 25 years of international scientific experience. He specialises in the anthropogenic drivers of biodiversity loss. With expertise in vertebrate ecology, including avian biology, and extensive research across various environments and taxa, he is renowned for his work on invasive species mitigation and environmental biosecurity. As an educator and mentor, he advocates for diversity and inclusion in academia and beyond. Named one of Australia's research field leaders in Life and Earth Sciences, Professor Cassey leads the Invasion Science and Wildlife Ecology Group at the University of Adelaide, where he serves as an inaugural Australian Research Council Industry Laureate Fellow. 

    With over 300 peer-reviewed publications and a track record of securing numerous research grants, he continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of conservation science and environmental decision-making.

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